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Children’s Hand Trauma

Bran Sivakumar has access to paediatric hand trauma review clinics and operating theatres at the Portland Hospital, Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children and the Royal Free Hospital. This, in combination with the ability to carry out Skype/Facetime appointments, allows for a very streamlined hand trauma pathway for his patients and their families.

Even from a very young age, children are active and keen to explore the environment. As a result it is very common for children to sustain injuries to their hands and fingers. Crush injuries are the most common. These injuries can result in injuries to the nail bed and in some cases partial or total fingertip amputations. Important structures such as tendons and nerves and arteries lie very close to the skin within the hand hence they can also be injured by simple penetrating injuries or lacerations.

Even small injuries can cause a great deal of distress to children and their families. Prompt pain relief followed by accurate assessment and treatment are essential. It is important to minimise the number of times a child’s dressing needs to be taken down and surgical treatment must be carefully planned and carried out in expediently to minimise distress.

Bran Sivakumar and his team are able to provide rapid assessment and fast track treatment to minimise the distress that hand injuries can cause children and their families.



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