Medical Research

Throughout his career Mr Sivakumar has maintained an interest in clinical and scientific research. As part of this cutting-edge work he completed a doctorate (MD) at the RAFT Institute of Plastic Surgery and Imperial College London. This work was awarded a prestigious Royal College of Surgeons Research Grant.

He has published extensively in both scientific and clinical journals including the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) and the Journal of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery. He has also presented at both national and international meetings and has received an international research award at the European Conference of Scientists and Plastic Surgeons (ECSAPS) in 2005.

Mr Sivakumar continues to be involved in medical research and supervises both MSc and PhD projects at University College, Kings College London and the National Institute of Medical Research. In addition, Mr Sivakumar is an honorary senior lecturer at the Institute of Child Health.

The most significant of the research projects is that linked to Kings College London –  a collaboration which aims to investigate the limb anomaly Radial Dysplasia sometimes termed ‘Radial Club Hand’ which affects around 1:7,000 children.

The project has three main areas of study:

The project is a collaboration between Mr Sivakumar at Great Ormond St Hospital and Professor Malcolm Logan at the Randall division, King’s College London.  The project is now in its third year and is going from strength to strength.


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