Charitable Work

Mr Sivakumar has helped drive improvement in the care of children with congenital hand anomalies in Sri Lanka through his collaborative work with the chief of plastic surgery at the Lady Ridgeway Hospital for Children in Colombo – Romesh Gunasekara.

This year is the third time that The Children’s Hand Foundation, a charitable trust set up by Mr Sivakumar, in association with BFIRST (the British Foundation for International Reconstructive Surgical Training), has travelled to Colombo. This year Mr Sivakumar’s team included his surgical registrar (Lilli Cooper) and congenital hand surgery fellow (Konrad Menze), his specialist hand therapist (Catherine Miller), his previous fellow and now Consultant colleague from Switzerland, Alex Kampfen with his registrar (Nadia Mende). The interventional radiology team included Professor Alex Barnacle, a world-renowned interventional radiologist from GOSH, whose research puts her at the cutting edge of the treatment of large vascular anomalies, kidney stone disease, tumours and more, as well as David Choong and his fellow (Georgio Mazzon), urology specialists from UCH, London.

Over the last three years the team have been able to see and formulate treatment plans for over 200 children. In addition they have been able to operate on over 80 cases. This has been through the support of the local surgeons and clinical teams who demonstrategreat clinical expertise and a tireless work ethic.

Collaborating in this way with the highly skilled local doctors allows improvement of their decision making skills, honing of their surgical approaches and ensures robust follow up for all the complex congenital hand cases treated. Involvement and empowerment of local teams ensures a strong legacy for children’s hand surgery in Sri Lanka in the future.

We would like to thank the Emirates Foundation and BFIRST for their support in our work.


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